Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The simple minimals

There are two things in the world that the mankind is very curious about. The magnanimous big exotic world of the big and the diminutive ,deep and unknown world of the tiny beings. The advantage of the latter is that one can find them dwelling around say right around your daily jogging tracks. Knowing their locations nearby one just needs to be blessed by light and rest their presence can make the day for you. Well I agree, we are rarely satisfied , and making the day for us is one tough ask for a tiny creature to ask for :). Having nothing better to do this evening,I went out for a stroll and  I saw a couple of butterflies soaring around the twigs nearby. I thanked the stars as I had my paintbrush with me and I decided to make those twigs as my easel.Well I certainly look at my cam as a paintbrush these days as there is actually no sense in what I click offlate :D. Here are some of the images I made today with those twigs and butterflies.

Two is company 

Two wonderful twigs basking in the sun as if the fresh sun getting energized. Having two similar patterns always gives a sense of duality that can add a lot. It also reminds me of me and my friend, who I can consider to be my alter ego.This ones for my friend :)


Its amazing to watch these tiny creatures soaring effortlessly in air , taking a break in between as if they are halting for a breezer and again moving on. If we have a sight we can exactly see "us" in them. At dusk,most of us are seen like this.Someone waiting for us home ,and we rushing to get to our homes...

Finally inbound

A small butterfly rests on the twig , making that little twig so sought after. This is life isnt it, You are blessed with that special person in your life and all of a sudden you feel special , important and sought after.Its all relative ,and perspective based isnt it :)


Isn't life fully made of these. But if carefully observed, its these that add contrast to the life. Ofcourse their are outcomes out of it, sometimes you are at top, sometimes you have to adjust and accept your set of conditions , but the best is to be happy with the outcomes of antagonisms and move on smiling. Lifes biggest lessons are taught by these....


Life certainly becomes colorful and warm. once the set of things we have gets our acceptance and we learn to make the best of conditions we have. Whatever little things we have, all when put to their best of use, bring us moments of glory for us. Takes time, but its there, we just need a vision for that foresight.

Well this is about it... One thing is a fact, If we want to assimilate things and learn , even the tiniest of creatures have got a lesson for us mortals. Our receptacle needs to be big thats it...
till next time....