Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Jungles,they sure are not meant only for the elusive tigers and leopards. Common denizens like deers and avians can also provide you with moments to cherish for.
 Here is one such sequence I shot in Bandhavgarh national park when I was looking for the tiger. I heard a cheetal alarm call and we parked our gypsy to guage some movement of the elusive subject.
Just during some lazy moments we saw a crested serpent eagle swoop around and land on a perch.
Judging its behavior it was evident that it one would take one more leap since the perch had nothing the eagle would be attracted in.Guess it just landed there to get a peek of the area for a probable kill.
Below is a series of those pictures.
Crested serpent eagle after it just landed on the perch. It was just scanning the area around.above pic shows its nictitating membrane.

Since the light fell directly on its wings it highlighted the wings abruptly and was difficult to adjust the exposure for those.

After satisfactory scanning the area it decided to fly away may be because it spotted something, or may be because it would not have preferred to sit in the open sun.

Eagle then did what most birds do preflight, Unloading itself before take off.This makes sense as it does not have to waste too much energy prior to take off.

After this it took a flight and made me think of my inabilities and made me look like just a small entity who can never fly without artificial aid.

Eagle then flew away to another shady part and settled down.Guess it also looked for a breather from the hot sun.
 These ubiquitous moments in forests is what we should always look after.Ofcourse tiger is an important sight but success of a trip should not be gauged by that.
There is always more to it.........

Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Harbinger

With the onset of june, most of us look forward to the commencement of the monsoons. The sky becomes a theatre for the drama of the clouds and mind becomes philosophical thinking of what kind of fun,or in some cases ,what kind of work to be done in the monsoons. Clouds are certainly one of those things that give you hope.....

photographing these clouds is a pleasure and prove to be an awesome background. coupled with any kind of foreground viz beaches or hills ,we can have a great landscape and mood in the picture.Also silhouettes of manmade things help in this too......

The best part about the clouds is they act as light throwers when sun is behind them.waiting for a right time and utilizing the ambient light in a sensible manner makes an opportunity for a good picture.

Clouds are really a thing that change an aura of the picture.,no wonder all cameras have a dedicated white balance "cloudy" for such kind of light!! Thid kind of picture is worth calling clouds the harbinger of rains...

One more thing about photographing clouds is that they can make themselves look like somrthing else. So called abstract shots can be made form such situations.A picture shows a cloud formation that looks like a peeking bird from the nest.....

Photographing clouds from above is one more intresting thing to do. Clouds in numerous kind of contraptions is a treat to capture.A totally different perspective is what the clouds offer from above the top.....

combination of sunsets and clouds create amazing moods. various cumulus clouds taking different shapes along with orange light of the setting sun makes a flamboyant pic. A picture below that makes clouds looks like smoke .....

One of the things that have always amazed me about little clouds apart from being harbingers to the most awaited season change is how easily they can sheild something as big as the sun. Just reminding about the fact that you dont need to be a stalwart to make a statement.
Awaiting monsoons and observings the harbingers for is wishing you all a happy monsoon.....:)