Monday, 21 October 2013


Exodus or migration as better put ,has been a phenomenon since the days mankind first started to flourish. or should I say animal-kind.,yeah the latter sounds better. Avians and mammals in almost all parts of world have been observed undergoing migrations for the search of water and food , or to avoid harsh conditions in winter at the place where animal dwells.Elephants, wildebeests in africa , or amur falcons, flamingoes from siberia are noteworthy examples of migrations. Worthwhile to mention is the northern wheatear , whose migration had been recorded using geotagging devices, observed to migrate from its breeding grounds in alaska to its wintering in kenya , a distance of 29000km round trip!!!
Well, to be specific this little snippet is far from being a topic on migration. Though it does deal with a flock of birds that migrated to the beach I stay near to.These terns must have been there right during the neap tide to have a supper of algae, moss or small fishes.Guess google must be having loads of info about this.(see akshi beach).
As luck would have it , I was just there that day at the right place on that beach, at right time. As i saw this flock from a distance, there was just one thing left to do for me , to approach them closer.And since you dont have any cover on the beach you just end up disturbing them. I stood far from them , moving little steps closer till the birds could spot me.This was that moment when I realized how important the birding ethics are and how much i missed the hide.These are those situations when you are in double mind ,as to whether to approach them , or stay behind and enjoy the scene.The long focal length did give me an advantage and I could click them from an appreciable distance. Following series of flight is from the same scene, wherein 16 frames have been merged to make a gif file.

The fort and the temple in background is colaba fort in alibag and the place is akshi. I hope you all like the series and my first attempt at making gifs. 
I went back to the beach several times later after this day , only to my chagrin. May be they have gone ahead for their journey, the beach whose brown sands were turned white , is now totally vacated with no trace of them. I wait for them , to return, to decorate the beaches again and for me to click them again , for that perfect shot , yet ethically......

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