Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Wet excursions...

There are some places on earth which are made up only for some specific seasons. Monsoon is a season that probably brings a limelight to places that are least visited during other seasons. One such place I visited a while ago is tamhini ghat.

A part of western ghats ,the place has a characteristic feel of the western ghats with fog,mist,wind and a plethora of combinations of cloud formations.
This is a mystical place in a sense that you are gazing into the vast expanse of the valley with a perfect whiteout for a little while and clear view of what lies beneath in other instant.

A certain reason why people flock here around on weekends is myriad of waterfalls and streams where people can chill out. With absolutely nothing that can stop the incessantly flowing water and rains this place really is mini heaven for nature lovers and is a real stress buster.
A picture showing people chilling out and how nature keeps an eye on us in its unique ways.

For some of us who love to photograph things ,there is a lot to experiment here with streams,stones and their wonderful combinations.A stream flowing ceaselessly amidst all the stones and rubbles always inspiring human nature to keep moving.......

For a change one can try out a hand at candid shots as there are many people wandering around the
vast expanses of the plains of this beautiful place.The mist creates a wonderful mood in the picture below where a couple keeps walking against strong winds......

Being close to metropolitan cities, tamhini ghats is not short of many unnatural structures like towers and electric poles. Creating silhouettes of these structures against the background of mists n clouds gives a wonderful ambience in the pictures. A transmisson tower in between two hills shows a contrast of natural powers and unnatural things.

Monochrome images showing combinations of trees and the ambience of monsoon always has been something different to capture.Monotone is instrumental in giving an enigmatic feel to the images,which this place deserves for sure.Western ghat terrains have always been a delight to visit in monsoons and to photograph them in monotones is really a treat.

Standing trees on cliffs always reminds of some strong men who always stood tall amidst difficult conditions. Nature in itself provides us with innumberable things to get inspiration from. I hope we all oblidge that some day or the other........


  1. Good one Swapnil.. It helps people like us who couldnt make it for the trip. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up !!!

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  3. i like the write up more than the pics in this post..still all n all gud job :)