Monday, 16 July 2012

Tiger Food

There are things that are analogous between our world and the world of wilderness. Conventional and abundant things are never sought after.Well this is the way the world goes ,and theres nothing one can do about it. The denizen of the wilderness I want to mention here is another such common one.
Its such a satire that this hunted denizen is more of a talk of town and the pictures as well than a living one.What can be more ironic than the fact that I used the name of this blog as tiger food ,but this is the world, you got to have your associations with the stronger ones however good or bad to be in the limelight. Sad but the truth. Anyways introducing you to this common denizen, one of the first that you see inside the park gates is our beloved 'cheetal'.They are so common that they have being listed by IUCN as  least Concern "because it occurs over a very wide range within which there are many large populations".

Entering the gates of a forest reserve in central India viz kanha or bandhavgarh you can find cheetals in herds. Most of them who are near the track just run helter skelter on finding a gypsy running through the tracks. Most are happy amidst the shrubs ,behind foliage chomping wild stuffs.

  Looking at cheetal by a photography perspective can give you some amazing frames and some moments too. Being ubiquitous is actually an advantage from our POV as we can experiment a lot on them and get some good ones. This can actually be fruitful while we are waiting for the elusive things of the wilderness.

Most of the times ,cheetals occur in herds of ten to fifty individuals of both sexes. Their pinkish brown coat and the backgrounds of the forests is an awesome sight to the eyes.

I find the meadows in kanha a very good place to photograph cheetals,reason simply being the fact that the wide expanse if meadows keep them away from the vehicles and still they are sighted in clear and without foliage.Its a sight to see these creatures calm and in peace here enjoying among themselves,carefree yet vigilant enough to keep an eye on the predators.

A resting fawn, cheetals percieve it as a sign of safety ,we look at it as dismay since there is no on around :)

A little call from a langoor or by their own primate is enough to make them run around. These meek creatures show a graceful run mixed with strides and gallops running around the meadows.

And here is why we see such a large number of these denizens around in forests.

I really hope the world outside and world of wilderness are never analogous to each other. We all should always be sympathetic towards all in the jungles. That will be by essence ,the true love for wildlife........