Sunday, 5 October 2014

Reference frames

After fighting off a long writers block ((though I cannot call myself a writer by a long shot, I am still taking that liberty since I do not have any other valid reason from a six month absence here .Lolz)) I am writing about a little piece that has been poking in my mind since a long time.The FACE. We all face situations in life wherein we see things that always are multifaceted around us. In other words, A thing or may be sometimes a person will always be same, but our conditions, and our frame of reference as our beloved Einstein points out, changes ,our lookout towards that thing will change. A little example would be just a smart phone, you will probably love it when you get a mail about your selection in job or an application, but same device will receive your wrath when you get a mail about pending payment from bank, or imagine you expecting a call from your beau and and phone rings to a call from the call center :D. So cutting long story short, everything in your day to day world and also nature will have many faces to it depending on how you look at it. 
I always had a knack to see the things around nature a little differently. I can see some faces or shapes of it in twigs and blades of grass, or a rock stuck between the rivulet.Or may be some other forms that originally look different.Some call it abstractions, I call it eccentric sights. There is a subtle difference here that the former has a real world set where it belongs to the category of things accepted by people, latter belongs only to the mind where it first originated.It may or may not be accepted in other minds. Anyways here are some pics that hopefully will clear out my thoughts I blurted above.....

A minimalist view of Lord Ganesh ( the elephant god). The twig bent itself in an arc that looked to me like a trunk of elephant and the little new flowers resembled the crown, As I earlier said, these meaning may not be acceptable to all , but once generated in a particular mind, its hard to shift them.

Another grass twig that was bent in shape of a bald head and the twig pronged itself as a shape of spectacles. The twig appeared like gandhi to me, philosophically looking at the setting sun.I saw it that way gives me no reason to convince you to look at it the same way. Every person has his own frame of reference and his thinking will be influenced by it. Always..

A little smile from nature. Two open billed storks fly over the woods making a near face with twinkling eyes as if bidding me a farewell, meekly smiling.... 

Well, its not that only kids can be naughty isn't it ? I saw this wood grow on a tree trunk and green fungi or mushroom like thing grown up making an amalgam of comedy and horror as if ready for Halloween festivals....

A rock in the rivulet or a skull in the stream , or nothing but a simple stone in a rill.. you can view this with as many combinations as you want. Who am I to confine your thoughts ? 

Professor Dumbledore. The crags making ventral parts and the water making it for the long white hair and the beard..sigh I so wish I had something there to substitute for his hat :D. anyways for now I'll settle with a frowned old man...

A striped gold fish in the pool. I saw a tiger napping at the waterfronts in the hot summers in India. It was in deep slumbers so really didn't wanna wake up. To me the reflection edges matched and created a shape of a fish, Voila!! I had found a new species!!! jokes apart ,but yeah at that moment it did look more exciting than a tiger facing up to me and giving me a frustrated look for I disturbed his slumber....

So this is about it. For me, the things do change once I change my frame of reference, In other words as you change your way over looking at it. Some call it attitude. As you change your attitude towards certain things , they seem to look different. May be prettier or uglier, all depends on you.Many a times we hear people saying I did see a tiger with no smile on his/her face.Why? he was sitting in the bushes ,amidst clutter so no clear view and thousand reasons like this from kind of light to the number of people with whom you saw him. Here if you see tiger, saying yes it is in its real world, trust me it would make a gracious picture. What you only need is a change in the frame of reference.All depend on how we look. Single thing can be viewed in million ways if tried so.
If you click a picture with eyes open, you will get ten different frames, doing the same with eyes closed will give you probably a million  
Signing off for now and expecting to be back real soon....... :)


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